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Columbia Radiology Technology

Columbia Radiology’s data center is located deep under solid rock in a secure offsite facility to assure survivability in the event of a catastrophe. Our systems are hosted within a cloud server environment to ensure high availability. The data center utilizes multiple Internet Service Providers via high speed fiber optics to provide redundancy in connectivity and provide fast reliable image and data transfers.

The Unique Difference

Columbia Radiology uses Merge Healthcare systems that offer full featured offsite capability regardless of end user location. Our PACS system is compliant with the latest industry standards; diagnostic workstation features and functions; workflow attributes as well as referring physician tools.

We offer HL7 interfaces that allow us to electronically accept orders from and deliver patient reports directly to your EMR. Your EMR must have HL7 capability and in most cases requires working with your software vendor to implement. We also offer several other methods of report delivery.

We’re Focused on Our Referring Physicians

Columbia Radiology’s goal is to provide superior customer service. Our web based PACS solution offers clinicians access to images and reports via the Internet.

We employ a full time in house IT department to assist with implementation and support of our software as every facility has different workflow characteristics and individual needs.

Our goal is to provide hospitals and referring physicians access to images and reports in an efficient environment. All other elements created equal, Columbia Radiology, Ltd delivers the best service and timely results to referring physicians using optimal informational tools. With efficient access to images and effective delivery of reports we will gain your respect and help you retain a disproportionate and increase disproportionate share of referrals. Our mission is to help you survive and thrive.



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